WW1 Tommy – Leeds

This is a World War 1 Tommy as presented by Richard Hollick an interpreter of history at the Royal Armouries museum here in Leeds. Richard is holding a real WW1 era Lee-Enfield bolt action rifle with bayonet fixed.

The British soldier during WWI was referred to as Tommy, this had been so since the 19th century but it was especially so during the Great War. The Germans would shout across no mans land “Tommy”, the French also called the common British soldier Tommy.

You can see another interpreter at the Royal Armouries museum, Carla Starkey as Florence Nightingale “the lady with the lamp” here.

Daily at the museum a team of interpreters bring history to life by playing various characters from the past. There are several photographs of museum staff member Andrew Balmforth here on the Leeds daily photo

Leif HagenDec 30, 2009 05:10 AM
“Tommy” did a nice job with the depiction! Hope he was careful with the gun!