Summer is coming to Yorkshire

Yesterday a good friend rang me and said I should pop round to her garden sometime soon, the frogs are back in her small pond. The photograph I took in her garden in Baildon, not far from Leeds shows a common frog.

On the same day I was out walking around the villages of Harden and Cullingworth when I spotted this butterfly. I only managed one photo of this Small Tortoiseshell
(Aglais urticae) before it flew up and over a stone wall. Yesterday was the warmest day here in Yorkshire so far this year.

When I started this photoblog I was not sure I could take enough decent photographs of Leeds and its surroundings to post one photo each day. I now take more photographs each week than I used to in around 6 months. Also I am more visually aware of my surroundings and see things as potential photos for the Leeds photo daily.

Jacob said…
Frogs and butterflies – spring must be here. Nice shooting.

March 20, 2009 11:12 PM
Lois said…
Both pictures are wonderful. I really like the close-up of the frog. He is so cute!

March 21, 2009 2:14 PM
Nancy said…
Fantastic frog portrait! We used to have many more frogs around – I wonder what happended to them all…

Have a great weekend!

March 21, 2009 9:18 PM


Cute – But Not in Leeds

Picture of a couple of Alpacas on a farm here in Yorkshire.

I stumbled on these alpacas by chance the other day, I had stopped to get a photo of an old wall post box, when I looked around I noticed what looked like 3 alpacas in a field opposite.

I walked over looking for an entrance to see if I could get a closer look and perhaps some photographs too. The farmer was nice and said help myself, so I did. I have only seen alpacas once before other than in pictures, but these were quite curious and shy and were happy at around 8 feet from me. Which was fine by me, close enough for my lens. Also in the field were some sheep and very free range hens along with a couple of donkeys who thought that 8 inches was far more interesting.

I am not really sure of the village boundaries so these cute alpacas are either in the villages of Eldwick or perhaps Gilstead between Bingley and Baildon. I know exactly where they are in relation to the roads but have no idea what the road they are on is called.

One thing I do know because the farmer told me, one reason he keeps them is that the deter foxes, with his flock of lovely brown hens that makes sense.