South Riding – Street Scene

Picture of South Riding Street Scene from BBC TV drama.

This is the last of the little series devoted to the making of the BBC TV costume drama, South Riding.

The above photo shows a scene from from the first few minutes of the opening of episode 1 of South Riding, Sarah Burton played by Anna Maxwell Martin is riding a bus through the streets of the fictional town of Kiplington in the South Riding of Yorkshire.

In the far right of the photo can be seen a member of the film crew stopping the normal traffic along this usually busy road.

For readers in N America this BBC TV drama South Riding will be shown on PBS, to be broadcast on May 1, 8 & 15, 2011 in (Three 60-minute episodes)
Anna Maxwell Martin (Bleak House) and David Morrissey (Sense & Sensibility) lead the cast in Andrew Davies’s (Bleak House, Little Dorrit) three-part adaptation of Winifred Holtby’s moving love story.


Leeds Springtime Flowers

Picture of Flowers Woodhouse Moor, Leeds.

OK I know spring does not start for about 3 weeks but yesterday here in Leeds, it was bright, sunny, felt warm and the birds were singing.

These crocus have come into flower on the grass verge adjacent to Woodhouse Lane on Woodhouse Moor on the road from the city centre up to the University of Leeds. These flowers were bright yellow, there were some purple ones too but they were further over.

Just across the road is the Leeds Victoria Monument and The Library which was a public library but is now a bar or pub.


Woodhouse Moor Leeds – Ironwork

Woodhouse Moor Iron Box

This cast iron cabinet, with broken door stands on Woodhouse Moor, Leeds just about opposite Harrison & Potter Trust Almshouses on Raglan Road.

I have no idea what this old disused iron box was used for but it is is Leeds, old and of some interest so here it is. Behind the box can be seen a little of the Harrison and Potter Trust Almshouses on Raglan Road, but more of that tomorrow.

The sky was quite blue a couple of days back when I took this photo, but I quite like the look of this rather tweaked in Adobe Lightroom photograph.


Harrison's Almshouses – Woodhouse, Leeds

Picture of Harrisons Almshouses Woodhouse, Leeds.

John Harrison (1579–1656) was a prominent Leeds woolen cloth merchant and although there is a statue of John Harrison in City Square, Leeds and also these almshouses in the above photo his real memorial is the church of St John, Leeds.

Today these almshouses are called the Harrison and Potter Trust homes, but when the were built around 1840 in a u shape they were named after their benefactor and were Harrison’s Almshouses. Today these historic red brick constructed buildings are listed as Grade II.

I love the tower that comes complete with crenelation, a decoration that served no purpose other than looking good.

There were also some other almshouses in Leeds connected with John Harrison on Wade Lane in the city centre near the church of St John, but these were demolished in the 1960’s that period of architectural progress when they rediscovered concrete.


Edward VII Post Box – Woodhouse, Leeds

Just along the road from the Harrisons Almshouses at the junction of Raglan Road with Woodhouse Lane there is an old post box.

This rather battered post box is an Edward VII pillar box, King Edward only reigned from the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 till his own death in 1910, so this postbox dates from that period. Because of the 9 years that Edward 7th was king, this old post box is I would think quite rare these days. You can see the stylized royal cipher of the intertwined EVIIR on the door beneath the Tudor crown.

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Times have changed since this post box was first put here, when Edward became King the smallest denomination postage stamp was 1/2 an old penny and there was no second class mail and there were also I think several deliveries per day!


Bee Bole at Home Farm Temple Newsam Estate

Leeds Daily Photo – Leeds Photography in Yorkshire | Bee hive, Bee keeping, Bee skep, Bee Bole at Home Farm Temple Newsam Estate.




My Place at Hallcroft BD18 2NR




Kitchen 2


My Place at Hallcroft BD18 2NR

This place is really good.