CRUMPLER Camera GEAR BAG, Meets a Cat!!

I was walking along the Leeds – Liverpool canal from Shipley to Saltaire when I paused to change lens on my camera. I put my bag down, and this cat appeared perhaps from one of these cottages adjacent to the towpath. She seemed very interested in my camera bag. So here we have cute cat with unknown (to me at least) name.

Yesterday on this blog I mentioned how easy it sometimes is to get a daily photo by just taking camera around during the day. Today I saw something I have not seen for many a long year, in fact not regularly since my childhood. Hopefully I will sort through todays photographs taken for the Leeds photo daily and it will appear here shortly.

By 1ajasper1gf1h

How I got Here...
I was walking down to make a coffee in Saltaire at Massarella's Art Gallery where my friend at a shop. I was mooching about there... My good friend Ellen used to a medical rep. She then said i dont want to worry you but I have called 999 for a ambulance... She then said look at the mirror in bathroom.... then.. I woke in hospital...
Then 5 months later... I have become Disabled.. Stroke, I lost ... job, flat, not mention my car... now at last I look much better...
So much for dreams... I ran with that for about 5 years, every day taking a photograph to put on site.

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