Granite Setts in Leeds, Yorkshire

Picture of granite setts being re-laid in Leeds, Yorkshire.

This afternoon whilst walking back from Leeds parish church towards Briggate I noticed some minor construction taking place. The builders were relaying a stretch of granite setts on some railway property adjacent to railway arches just across from Cross York Street at the junction with Kirkgate.

The above photo shows some setts having been laid and bedded in so the paved area will be more or less flat. To achieve this they are using some basic tools a shovel, spirit level, lump hammer, bucket and an iron bar (bit like a flat jemmy).

Setts are a bit like cobblestones but the stone is quarried and cut to either a square or rectangular shape as opposed to naturally occurring shapes.

The photo was a little awkward to get because I had to put my camera between some iron railings to get the picture. Nearly all construction in cities like Leeds is now done behind hoardings or some other barrier to protect the public.

Lucy Corrander : Photos said…
It’ll be a historic picture, this.

Laying of setts is a persisting skill that surprises me.


JUNE 10, 2011 7:37 AM

By 1ajasper1gf1h

How I got Here...
I was walking down to make a coffee in Saltaire at Massarella's Art Gallery where my friend at a shop. I was mooching about there... My good friend Ellen used to a medical rep. She then said i dont want to worry you but I have called 999 for a ambulance... She then said look at the mirror in bathroom.... then.. I woke in hospital...
Then 5 months later... I have become Disabled.. Stroke, I lost ... job, flat, not mention my car... now at last I look much better...
So much for dreams... I ran with that for about 5 years, every day taking a photograph to put on site.

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