Moles in Yorkshire Countryside

Picture of moles on a fence in Yorkshire.

Here we have a photograph taken by me some years ago. Before I would have considered myself a photographer.

A couple of good friends and I had walked up above Malham and walking down a lane some miles away I saw these moles hung on the farmers fence. I had not seen moles hung like this since the days of my far away youth. Since that day the nearest here is the nearest I have got to seeing or taking a photograph of a mole.

Personally I would much refer these furry little animals to go about there daily life undisturbed.

By 1ajasper1gf1h

How I got Here...
I was walking down to make a coffee in Saltaire at Massarella's Art Gallery where my friend at a shop. I was mooching about there... My good friend Ellen used to a medical rep. She then said i dont want to worry you but I have called 999 for a ambulance... She then said look at the mirror in bathroom.... then.. I woke in hospital...
Then 5 months later... I have become Disabled.. Stroke, I lost ... job, flat, not mention my car... now at last I look much better...
So much for dreams... I ran with that for about 5 years, every day taking a photograph to put on site.

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