Police Armoured Land Rover

Picture of Police Armoured Land Rover on Briggate in Leeds city centre.

On Saturday the Leeds City Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) held an Open Day on Briggate in Leeds city centre. It was an opportunity for members of the public to meet the police and find out more about West Yorkshire Police.

There were police officers and PCSOs from the NPT and also members of the various specialist departments of the local force. The specialists I was most interested to meet were crew members of a couple of the ARV Armed Response Vehicles that were on hand during the day, more of that I will post tomorrow.

The Land Rover in the above photograph reg H946 HWR was parked up on Briggate and although I had not before seen this one I knew of them and indeed had spent quite a bit of time riding around in earlier versions. This vehicle is I think one of the 6 armoured Land Rovers acquired by West Yorkshire Police from the PSNI after the Bradford Riots. This is the latest version of the various armoured rovers used by the the RUC and then the PSNI and is based on a Land Rover Defender 110 civilian chassis.

Not sure why but when I saw this rover I thought of Lieutenant Howard Hunter from the TV show Hill Street Blues, he would have loved this vehicle.

By 1ajasper1gf1h

How I got Here...
I was walking down to make a coffee in Saltaire at Massarella's Art Gallery where my friend at a shop. I was mooching about there... My good friend Ellen used to a medical rep. She then said i dont want to worry you but I have called 999 for a ambulance... She then said look at the mirror in bathroom.... then.. I woke in hospital...
Then 5 months later... I have become Disabled.. Stroke, I lost ... job, flat, not mention my car... now at last I look much better...
So much for dreams... I ran with that for about 5 years, every day taking a photograph to put on site.

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